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Bringing Awareness To A Specialized Audience

Even though Imperva had been around for 15 years, it was still relatively unknown compared to other industry heavyweights. To bring awareness to Imperva’s robust cyber security offerings, FINAO® was tasked with creating a brand campaign targeting the IT Security community. The direction was to explain the benefits of using Imperva products in a way that was helpful for highly-specialized tech decision makers. This audience knows when they’re being sold to, and we wanted the creative to be as straightforward and authentic as possible. We stayed away from industry buzzwords, boardroom lingo and “everyman” speak. Instead, we used an approachable, technical tone that could appeal to the no-frills nature of an on-the-job IT buyer.

Standing Out

The juxtaposition between Imperva’s highly specialized business model and technical innovations and their plain-spoken messaging helped set them apart in the marketplace. The final campaign featured four impactful print and digital ads showcasing an iconic illustration style developed by designers at FINAO®.