HackerOne Campaign

Progressive Attack Resistance Management company HackerOne understands that hacker-powered security is the future of cybersecurity. They came to FINAO in 2021 confident in the solutions they offered, but lacking in robust brand identity. FINAO set to work to create a needs-based brand campaign that would compel HackerOne’s target audience to take action.




The HackerOne brand required an elevation to make it clear that their services are important pieces to the future of any business organization’s security. The company had an established client list with some of the largest names in retail, banking, software, transportation, and government sectors, but large deals remained elusive. FINAO manufactured a provocative brand campaign that gave prospective clients a business-oriented reason to get on board with hacker-powered security systems.

What is Github’s secret weapon in the fight against hackers? Hackers.

The DoD doesn’t fear hackers. They hire them.

Hyatt extends hospitality to hackers.

Using FOMO

Instead of simply trying to make the concept of hacking less intimidating, HackerOne’s brand revitalization carried a thought-provoking message and created a fear of missing out around the benefits of hacker-based security that actually moved needles for the business. This involved focusing on chief information security officers as well as showcasing the multitude of areas in which HackerOne can reduce the risk of vulnerabilities and aid development teams.

Branding and deliverables

The stakes of FINAO’s branding work for HackerOne were high, given the clear campaign goals and the need for a paradigm shift regarding hacker-augmented security practices. Combining human and artificial intelligence provides HackerOne’s clients with improved performance and faster innovation, advantages that had to be reflected in their brand style. FINAO drilled down on transforming the HackerOne brand from looking like that of a startup to that of an established company with a polished and futuristic style. We refined brand guidelines and provided digital campaign concepts and templates to ensure HackerOne had an elevated brand to match their innovative solutions.

Human-Centered Photography

Shifting from stocky, unownable photography to diverse, personal, and dynamic human-centered photography helped HackerOne establish the trustworthiness and essentialism of hacker events, active hacking, and employees as a foundation for visualizing the HackerOne brand.

Grid System

When creating layouts, a grid system can be overlaid on images to align a layout and frame images.

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