A clearly defined brand and positioning is the foundation for organizational success.

Brand Alignment is our proprietary brand workshop. When your mission, vision and values are clearly aligned, making decisions becomes much easier.

Let's start planning

+  Brand Strategy

+  Mission / Vision / Values

+  Corporate Naming

+  Logo Design

+  Brand Identity

+  Brand Positioning

+  Messaging

+  Business Collateral

Group Discovery Sessions

We start with a deep dive into all things related to your brand. Whats the big vision, future platform, why do you exist, what are your actions, brand behaviors, pillars and personality? It's all on the table for discussion, debate and deliberation. This first step in the process helps everyone get their critical brand thinking juices flowing.

One-on-one interviews

After initial group sessions with stakeholders, we schedule individual interviews with all stakeholders and some key users. This gives us unique insights we just can't get to in the group setting. It also helps our team to further connect with your organization, a see how things like culture and values of a company are reflected in the individual team members and user base.

Distill findings

After we've thrown all the spaghetti against the wall it's time to see what sticks. Our team gathers and reviews all session findings and formats what we’ve learned into a comprehensive brand book. The book is presented and refined collaboratively to ultimately reach a final approved brand book. The final Brand Alignment book serves as a north star for the organization moving forward.

Thanks to FINAO Agency in our brand efforts this year to let the world know about the promise and power of Spire's technology.

Andy Jordan • Head of Brand and Creative - Spire