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Campaign and Content Process

FINAO has developed a field-tested content creation process to get your campaign off the drawing board and into the hands of prospects and customers quickly. Our process gives the design and content team flexibility to explore different creative direction options. While our project managers keep all the stakeholders engaged and involved with buttoned up review and QA cycles.

Concepting, Design, Production

Content campaigns can be daunting and overwhelming in scale. By breaking the project into focused phases the most large and complex tasks become manageable. We've done this a time or two, so whether it's design, writing or final production, every detail in your campaign is accounted for and given the proper attention.


Stay on target! Having a Failure is Not An Option mentality is crucial when it comes to overcoming the inevitable curveballs that get thrown over the course of a major campaign. We stay calm and collected in those moments and never lose sight of your critical launch dates.

I'm very excited to share TaxJar's new brand - the result of many months of customer, team and partner collaboration. Love the way it captures our values, as well as our momentum. Congrats to my team and our partners.

Sara Strope • (Former) CMO - TaxJar a Stripe Company