New Branding Case Study Spire

Spire is a global provider of space-based data and analytics that offers unique datasets and powerful insights about Earth from the ultimate vantage point so organizations can make decisions with confidence, accuracy, and speed. Spire approached FINAO to be their branding agency in Q4 of 2020 to help rebrand the company and better position the Spire brand to reflect current growth trajectory and massive global business model.

New Logo

Spire provides data as a subscription to organizations around the world so they can improve business operations, reduce their environmental footprint, deploy resources for growth and competitive advantage, and mitigate risk. To reflect a software subscription based business model, FINAO refined and subtly modified the Spire mark to give the new logo a more definitive SAAS tech brand feel. The serif was replaced with a hand modified sans serif typographical approach. The red was brightened and brought into balance as a true red to deliver a more enterprise brand experience.


Spire uses the largest multi-purpose satellite constellation to source hard to acquire, valuable data and enriches it with predictive solutions. Spire gives commercial and government organizations the competitive advantage they seek to innovate and solve some of the world’s toughest problems with insights from space. This new branding case study outlines the the creative process and rebrand launch, new branding and animated video assets created for the space based data analytics unicorn, Spire.

New Branding and Standards

FINAO next developed a comprehensive visual language and standards manual to support the brand. This included hand drawn iconography, illustration and photography libraries, typography, color palettes and usage guidelines.

Animated Video

To reflect the industries Spire serves, FINAO created a set of full 3D animation models to visually brand to each sector. The 3D globes evoke the Spire global approach throughout every digital and web driven experience. Maritime, weather, aviation, federal, space services and earth intelligence, 3D renderings were created to support the brand.

Website Design

With a refined brand and new standards in hand FINAO put rubber to road in the form of a completed redesign website experience. FINAO wireframed, designed and fleshed out the entire experience for desktop, tablet and mobile.


The new site launched successfully in tandem with a major merger announcement, showcasing the new Spire brand for the global stage.

Spire New Branding Case Study

As a leading branding agency and web design company for tech, FINAO ensures brand messaging, positioning and visual identity are always in close alignment. Spire's completely net new marketing site successfully went live in Q1 2021. The rebrand and motion graphic assets stand well-positioned to support company growth goals and meet the brand's needs moving forward.

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