Elemental Brand Case Study

When small businesses need self-driven multi-channel marketing campaigns, they call email and SMS platform Elemental. When Elemental needed to align and elevate its brand before launch, they called FINAO.


After crafting an intuitive and easy-to-use platform for growing businesses, Elemental had to execute its go-to-market strategy to align its messaging and establish fresh, modern branding. The FINAO team got to work, building the brand from the ground up and assembling a website decked out with ownable typography, distinct iconography, and animated illustrations.

Website Design

FINAO created a unique and accessible website using custom illustrations and animations. Animated stickers drawing attention to key brand offerings help the company appeal to startup owners and marketers who use and benefit from the product.


The FINAO team made sure the new brand and website adapted seamlessly for an efficient mobile experience.


Optimizing Elemental’s brand throughout the new website was crucial. FINAO provided a full library of custom illustrations to ensure an ownable, unique website experience that did not rely on stock imagery.

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