New Branding Case Study

Intelligent SEO platform automatically discovers customer intent, cleans and restructures web pages, and creates new content to match demand at any scale. They approached FINAO in 2021 seeking an ownable brand design. With the objective of developing a powerful brand identity that connected with’s target audience of marketers, FINAO got to work on a full rebrand to position the platform as a leader in Search Engine Optimization intelligence.

Branding began a messaging project to make their website more comprehensive. This meant that catering the new visual brand identity to the company’s new messaging was a top priority to ensure their website conveyed the SEO benefits the company brings to product-led teams. FINAO developed a new color palette, typography, and illustrations to highlight as an enterprise SEO platform with an unmatched ability to scale.

Website Design

The complexity of’s platform required innovative visual design. FINAO created a color-coded scheme featuring sharp colors related to the key product offerings to make the brand stand out and ensure that website users felt in control. We also incorporated a grid system to simplify user interaction and frame images. Modern iconography was especially important in making the platform’s complex data-mining and optimization processes more accessible for consumers.


Utilizing a grid system in designing’s website made for a uniquely responsive and efficient experience for mobile users.


After designing’s new website, FINAO translated all of the platform features and new brand elements into user-friendly, accessible, and brand-furthering website content.

Presentations needed a template to display their platform at presentations, webinars, and speaking events that feature the company. FINAO provided structured slides templates so the company was prepared to showcase their brand no matter the occasion.

Don’t take it from us’s CEO & Co-Founder Robin Allenson applauded our team after we delivered an elevated brand and assets, writing that it was “fantastic working with the team at FINAO Agency to deliver our website.”

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