Valimail Product Video Case Study

California software company Valimail came to FINAO in 2021 after recognizing that setting up the global email authentication standard DMARC the traditional way left too much room for error. They reimagined DMARC as an automated service to give companies and individuals everything they need to authenticate their emails without additional fees or expertise. FINAO helped Valimail take their new product platform to launch by producing an animated video that explains how DMARC-as-a-Service can guide customers through the complex processes with ease to avoid fraud and domain spoofing.



Leasing video

Helping Valimail’s target audience understand the seamless and successful nature of the platform and consider making DMARC-as-a-Service a priority for their company was important for FINAO when producing the leasing video. Valimail’s platform provides security without risky manual configurations or DNS work, so FINAO made sure the simplicity and speed of the platform were graphically represented while expressing key feelings of saving time and tackling fears.

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