Bespoke 19

Tech User Conference Event Branding

Cordial wanted to leave a lasting impression with their first user conference event. FINAO eagerly took on that challenge by branding the entire event experience start to finish. We started by creating a visual theme unlike any tech conference event. Held at The Brick in San Diego, California, FINAO aimed to transform the 150+ attendee event into a West Coast hangout by bringing the fun and natural vibes of San Diego into every aspect of the event design.



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Bespoke in every sense

Fresh and vibrant designs inspired by the things that make Cordial stand apart from every other tech company. Visual vignettes of hummingbirds, surf boards, plant organics, VW buses and avocados — chosen to represent the spirit of Cali and the energy of Cordial — became the symbols of the event. The partially deconstructed design is a nod to Cordial’s platform, the seamless experience for their clients requires planning and technique, making the end product that much more unique and Bespoke.

Rich, personalized experiences

Selfie stations, personalized pins, potted plants, plush pillows, boho couches, even branded coconuts were part of the experience. FINAO pushed to make the event as individualized as possible to accurately represent the high level of personalization Cordial consistently provides to customers.

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