Opticon 17

Opticon 17 User Conference Event

Nothing says you’ve arrived like inviting 1,200 of your top users and closest partners to celebrate your success, learn from industry gurus and role out product at the Wynn in Las Vegas. FINAO’s role? Brand the event, promote the heck out of it, create widespread buzz, and bring Opticon 2017 to life. Viva FINAO!



Can We Get That Fast? Like in Less Than a Month?

The occasion called for a look that was bold, sophisticated and uniquely Optimizely. Working closely with their internal team, FINAO 
created a fresh brand identity utilizing the brand’s color palette and typography. We collaborated with Optimizely’s event, web, promotions, speaker and sponsorship teams to produce everything needed to make the conference a success. The sponsorship prospectus, microsite, digital assets, graphics, presentation clean up, hype video and keynote video were crafted by FINAO. And we busted it out in record time.

The Main Event

The event exceeded all expectations, delivering three days of high-quality, hyper-relevant content to more than 1,000 customers, developers and partners. More than 30 speakers took the stage and four major product innovations were announced during the conference.

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