Video Case Study AppFolio

FINAO was trusted to write and produce a series of vibrant and charming animations for AppFolio, a company offering property management software services. With the goal of positioning the company as a scalable and modern property management solution for large residential organizations, FINAO set out to create attention-catching videos to highlight AppFolio as an Enterprise solution.



Goals and visual principles

Re-introducing AppFolio as a breath of fresh air in the industry through animated shorts required prioritizing brand recognition, solution awareness, and retention. FINAO relied on strict visual principles to achieve these goals. The videos are architecturally sensible, tonally versatile, eternally optimistic, and most importantly, human. Rooted in reality, the animations convey sophisticated playfulness as well as the approachability and communication of the human hand through a home-style geometry inspired by the structures actual residents call home. With these themes come the promises of better software, better experiences, and a better world.

Art direction

FINAO leaned into AppFolio’s unique color palette when building our illustrative worlds, using Appfolio’s typefaces to unify their brand expressions and root the videos in the new brand.

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