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Helpshift brand development

Helpshift provides one connected customer service experience. From the first response to resolution—context is carried from channel to channel so customers never have to repeat themselves or start over. Since partnering with FINAO® in 2017, Helpshift has been able to establish their brand as the premier customer support platform delivering in app support to mobile first companies, mainly gamers. By connecting digital channels, phone support, self-service and bots — and by embedding these within a single messaging thread — Helpshift’s Connected Customer Conversation platform enables customers to reach out through any channel and take the most efficient path towards resolution through AI, bots, and automation.

Visual Language

FINAO® developed an ownable brand style for Helpshift that doesn’t rely on stock imagery. The Helpshift product lives primarily on mobile so we created a device focused visual language that is intuitive and relevant. That branded approach was fully fleshed out in the form of robust brand visual identity guidelines and rolled out successfully in the Helpshift website, numerous content campaigns, webinars materials, events and promotional assets. To create an ownable photography style FINAO® conducted a multi-day photo shoot in San Francisco. The shoot captured numerous lifestyle demographics and resulted in a rich asset library to support marketing efforts

Ownable design

Illustration has been and continues to be a distinct visual component of the Helpshift brand. A customized high fidelity illustrations style supports the brand in every digital, print and environmental application – while also being nimble and flexible enough for simplified use applications like custom iconography and data visualizations.

Smart creative

One of the most rewarding aspects of working with a brand is looking back at the body of work and seeing the journey visually unfold over time. Assets like the product interface motion graphic sequences along with numerous product videos continue to be evergreen content and are often repurposed for marketing support and on the company website.

So many assets

Countless guides, ebooks and promo assets live on in the Helpshift Resource Content Library. A Dreamforce Product Overview Video that played in a custom branded Dreamforce Tuk Tuk demonstrated the fun and approachable nature of the company culture. This was part of a unique Dreamforce presence that elevated brand notoriety at a major enterprise event.

Agency partnership

Helpshift as a company has grown its employees 3X, secured Series C funding and expanded their customer base substantially throughout our agency’s engagement. The bold creative and dedication to brand reflects the visionary approach of leadership that values partnership.