BeHome247 Rebrand Case Study

BeHome 247 provides control and automation to property managers in residential and hospitality industries through their unifying operations platform. They came to FINAO in 2021 to help build brand relevance  and better position themselves as a traditional-yet-tech-driven Software as a Service company. FINAO redesigned their brand and website with a new look to elevate the brand, generate leads and reflect the large hospitality and residential B2B space they operate within.




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New Logo

BeHome 247 felt the old logo was too horizontally proportioned and lacked the timelessness they were aiming for. FINAO simplified the design system, adjusted vertical balance, color and typography to achieve the lasting look the company had their sights set on.


FINAO gave BeHome 247 a visual brand that immediately communicated their values and priorities to the businesses they work with. Their tight focus, end-to-end platform, and engineering mindset is now reflected across their brand, showcasing BeHome 247’s status as a serious and practical contender in the SaaS market.

Webside Design


Don’t take it from us

BeHome 247 CEO Peter Gudmundsson commended FINAO’s work after the branding and website overhaul. “Sometimes, a new look fades with familiarity, but I like our new branding more with each day,” he said. “You and your team are great!”

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