AppFolio and Visa streamline commercial property management

We recently directed three 15-second videos that showcase the benefits of using our client AppFolio with Visa. The concept of the videos was to show that people can pay their rent anytime, from anywhere in the world with the two platforms. AppFolio’s team developed the story and illustrations, recruiting FINAO to bring their ideas to life.

We used unique animation movements to create the reveals of where each character in the animations was located. In each video, Voice Over talents explain how easy it is to make payments with AppFolio and Visa while upbeat music sets whimsical tones and draws attention to the environments of the animations beyond the characters’ phones.

Nature Calls

‘Nature Calls’ begins with a close-up shot of a man paying his rent on his phone while he walks. He could be anywhere, but we quickly see that he is on a nature hike with his dog. He pays his rent with the touch of a button and continues walking while his dog chases a butterfly.

High Tide

The second video, ‘High Tide,’ challenged the team to think of unique ways to show that the character paying her rent was actually getting ready to go snorkeling. Our creative result was to have her turn from her phone to see fish and another person swimming with snorkeling gear. We worked with our animation resources to create the movements via cell animation.


We aimed to strike a relatable chord in the third video we produced. In this short, a character is sitting down to watch a movie with friends before realizing they forgot to pay their rent. They pay quickly and the camera angle shifts to feature a view of the friends from above as they watch the movie together.

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