HackerOne returns to in-person events in style

Cybersecurity platform HackerOne needed to deliver a high-value return to in-person events with their Security@ 2022 user conference in London. They partnered with FINAO to create an immersive brand experience that showcased the HackerOne Attack Resistance Platform for industry leaders and their diverse user base.

FINAO began with an educational Attack Resistance Management campaign teaching CISOs and others how to identify security vulnerabilities. The Security@ 2022 conference was an opportunity to present the next phase of HackerOne solutions: Achieving Attack Resistance.

From education to execution

To mark the shift from education to execution, HackerOne tasked FINAO with producing an elevated brand and a collection of fleshed-out assets. This evolution included front-to-back involvement in everything from compelling promotional materials to specialized swag design.

Bringing the event theme to life

After helping build buzz and sponsorships, the FINAO team created distinct textures related to each aspect of the Achieve Attack Resistance theme. The graphic- and tech-based elements stood out as custom photography and hand-drawn elements activated key objectives with visual cues on the advantages of ethical hacking.

Working closely with HackerOne, FINAO also developed motion graphics, crafted a badge system, and designed a variety of branded merch such as t-shirts and buttons to create an ownable experience for in-person and virtual attendees.