Custom event graphics for OpenInvest Park City retreat

OpenInvest, a J.P. Morgan technology company streamlining values-based investing, uses corporate retreats as a chance for the team to connect on a deeper level and work through big-picture goals. When the company visited the beautiful resort destination of Park City, Utah last spring, FINAO enhanced the team-building venture with custom event graphics that communicated the outdoor paradise of the destination as well as the overall goals of the trip.

In collaboration with the event strategy boutique Whoa Events, FINAO provided materials to seamlessly integrate the OpenInvest team’s values with the natural environment of Park City.

Uniting a destination-focused concept that calls back to the vintage signage of national parks with the OpenInvest logo helped the company take ownership of the experience. Deliverables including t-shirts, badges/lanyards, bandanas, and promotional materials rounded out a team experience that was reflective of both company and setting.

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