Three Steps to Success at RSA 2024

The RSA Conference has been fostering cybersecurity communities for over three decades. In May, hundreds of companies will converge in San Francisco to rally around an “Art of the Possible” theme and witness the newest horizons of cybersecurity.

While education and collaboration are fundamental, companies will be going all in on innovation and creativity to vie for the attention of the 40,000+ attendees. The sooner you outline goals and budget, the better suited you will be to build an audience face-to-face. Here’s a big-picture blueprint for success to help you get started.

1. Build energy

Decide on a consistent theme and branding. Are you showing off new AI? Crafting an immersive demo experience? Going customer-centric? Look at the details of your product that you’d like to highlight and use your creative direction to accent them as you build a prospectus and registration process.

2. Promote

Generate excitement with networking and a killer promo strategy. Leverage your value proposition, merchandise, social media and hype videos to drive registration.

3. Execute

Build connections by strategically engaging attendees and showcasing your booth experience. Execute with the help of environmentals, pitch decks and event motion graphics. Don’t forget post-event follow-ups to convert interest into leads through recap assets and videos.

Check out FINAO’s RSA 2023 re-cap and event work for additional inspiration as you plan to impress at RSA 2024.