You may not see us at RSA, but you can’t miss our work

How FINAO helped four key clients make a splash at RSA 2023

The RSA Conference has been strengthening organizations and connecting communities in the cybersecurity space for 31 years. This year, companies rallied around a Stronger Together theme in San Francisco. While the conference promotes big tents and collaboration, companies still have to work to get noticed in the bustling event space.

From touchscreen experiences, to new branding reveals, engaging presentation decks, hype videos and event strategy, here’s how FINAO helped four client partners cut through the noise to stand out at RSA 2023.


While reshaping HackerOne’s brand in 2022, FINAO developed a three-dimensional design texture for use across the platform. To utilize the new look at RSA 2023, HackerOne and FINAO reimagined the product experience to ramp up engagement by expanding the animated three-dimensional elements of its brand. With interactive, big-screen animation, visitors received video experiences tailored to their security challenges.

Either guided or self-serve, the HackerOne experience sparked interest and captured leads by immersively highlighting demos, success stories, and ongoing cybersecurity conversations.

Abnormal Security

Engaging video experiences were the name of the game for Abnormal Security at this year’s conference. For interstitial content, FINAO storyboarded and animated a looping product reel and bite-size animations featuring conference details.


FINAO created a pitch deck template to keep security platform Rubrik’s RSA 2023 materials buttoned up and intuitive. Rubrik hosted multiple events and meetings during the conference and easily promoted its platform with flexible templates.


Fast-growing security automation outfit Torq wanted to use RSA 2023 as a stage to drive brand recognition and debut its updated look and feel. FINAO helped Torq leverage their confident, speed-focused new brand with a product video, web pages, and key content e-books and whitepapers. Working with an aggressive timeline, our team capped off Torq’s launch with a unique booth experience featuring calculated lighting and dramatic themes.