Visual brand identity and website design for Source Green

In 2022, FINAO was tasked with fashioning a brand identity for Source Green Packaging, a global packaging marketplace helping brands find sustainable housings for their products. With dual goals of better incorporating the values of the company into the brand and modernizing the brand, FINAO set out to deliver fresh branding materials to establish Source Green Packaging as leaders of sustainable packaging.

Beginning with a simplified name and new logo design, FINAO streamlined the Source Green emblem while incorporating aspects of the company’s focus on the planet-forward cycle of biodegradable materials. The rest of the brand identity was fleshed out with a color palette of pastels and bright greens suggesting Source Green’s sustainable cornerstone while also demonstrating the company’s emphasis on technology.

FINAO additionally delivered a custom icon system showcasing Source Green’s packaging, designed a sophisticated website to get the message across using modern web elements, and collaborated with the company on a platform showing graphics on the environmental benefits of sustainable packaging.

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