Apollo Rebrand Case Study

After a successful fundraising round, Apollo.io partnered with FINAO to craft a new tech brand and platform to enterprise-level standards. We delivered a comprehensive package, including a new logo, branding materials, videos and website design, ensuring that Apollo.io communicates effectively with the target audience of marketers and tech companies.

New Logo

Apollo.io provides essential tools for business growth, offering auto-generated sales leads and robust analytics. FINAO began by crafting a unique logo, emphasizing these advantages while steering clear of aeronautic or Greco-Roman associations. Our logo design features crisp typography, symbolizing growth and success for the company and its customers.


Elevating the Apollo.io brand was our top priority. FINAO introduced a versatile design style featuring vibrant colors, textures, and shapes that connect with the brand's identity. These elements, integrated into the user interface system, effectively highlight the Apollo.io platform's benefits.


Website design, branding, and product all came together in the demo video FINAO produced showcasing the Apollo.io platform offering. We brought the new logo and design to life by educating Apollo.io’s target audience on how the company helps them target prospects with enriched data and utilize analytics in stylized form.


FINAO developed a streamlined website design incorporating carefully crafted textures and elements to provide a user-friendly navigation experience. The new website showcases custom iconography and vibrant colors, guiding visitors seamlessly through the content. The design also integrates consistent animations to highlight products and emphasize Apollo.io's position as a leading enterprise solution in the SaaS industry.


FINAO tested to make certain that the new brand and website design flawlessly scaled to mobile devices.

Don’t take it from us

Apollo.io’s Head of Marketing Joerg Koehler commended our team after the new branding was brought to market: “Well done, FINAO Agency! We love what you have done for our brand and website.”

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