Preparing Teens for the Future with learning service Betterwise

Betterwise is an app that helps teenagers develop real-life skills with bite-size videos. When the company approached FINAO for help designing and advertising its mobile services, our team took the opportunity to build a creative visual identity with a younger audience in mind. By tapping into current trends in web design to build trust with teens and parents, FINAO gave Betterwise a bold and ownable site to promote its platform.

We started with a bright color palette and expressive typography. The various styles are fun and appealing without distracting from the Betterwise mission of reversing the lack of confidence in the future that teens face.

Custom, animated illustrations brought energy to the array of solutions that Betterwise offers. To accentuate the distinct benefits of the platform, FINAO crafted buttons of different shapes and designs that mark specific goals the app helps users achieve, like applying to college or building better relationships.

FINAO designers and developers pulled out all the stops in designing the site and app to engage users. With parallax scrolling to keep viewers moving down the page, bounce-reducing load animations, and vibrant elements to improve user experience, we distanced Betterwise from competitors by positioning the company as a crucial solution for the next generation.

As the Betterwise brand grows, FINAO looks forward to continuing to drive engagement in the project’s following phases.

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