Launching HackerOne’s annual Security Report

Our client HackerOne delivers one of the most comprehensive reports on cybersecurity threats and mitigate vulnerabilities. HackerOne’s Hacker-Powered Security Report: Industry Insights leverages data from real-world vulnerability reports to provide insight into the fastest-growing vulnerability categories, how bounty prices are changing year over year, and which industries are fastest to fix.

FINAO dug into all the content and started working on creative concepts utilizing the HackerOne brand style. The challenge of the project was to make it easy for users to digest all of these stats easily. We settled on a digital download report and a fully interactive website, where users could click through the stats to dial in the information they needed.

Interactive Report

Since most of the time would be needed to develop the interactive version of the security report, this is where our team started. We used this time to establish all of the chart designs and flow of information. With a lot of

Check out the full page here:

HackerOne Report Site

Downloaded Report

Once we established all the report styles in the interactive version we moved onto the downloaded report. This resulted in a 33 page PDF that broke out all the charts. Without the benefit of click throughs we needed to break the charts out into multiple pages. The styles on some of the charts needed to evolve slightly as well. The final product was a visually engaging PDF that allowed the users to digest all of the information and not be overwhelmed.

Check out the full page here:

HackerOne Report

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