Turing AI

Turing AI Rebrand Case Study

When the AI-powered facility operations data platform Turing AI came to FINAO looking for a brand revitalization, we rose to the occasion. Our meticulous rebrand assessment and close attention to the company’s mission, values, and vision helped establish better brand alignment for everyone who interacts with Turing AI. We additionally utilized the findings to develop intuitive assets and bring the brand and platform to life.

Brand alignment workshop

Turing AI is the only platform delivering a complete view into the world’s largest companies’ CV data. As an organization, they needed to find alignment between key brand attributes and unique qualities to make lasting impressions on the employees, customers, and prospects that experience and interact with the brand. FINAO’s brand alignment process in an in-depth, proprietary workshop developed to help companies better orient their brands with the intangible qualities of their products, services, and organizations.

New logo, visual identity, and content

After developing clean and minimalistic brand guidelines, FINAO got to work implementing the new look across the Turing AI website. Fresh messaging, illustration styles, and iconography were applied to website design, copy, headings, and CTAs through a highly collaborative process with the company.


3D Floor Plan

Turing AI’s flexible surveillance infrastructure is complemented with products to provide both security and analytic insights through patterns and visual data. FINAO took the new, forward-thinking brand identity to the next level by making use of the refreshed color palette in the three-dimensional floor plan examples featured on the website, showing off features such as foot traffic density and spatial hot points in a heatmap style.

Packaging design

New packaging featuring the reimagined branding look and feel connects the digital platform to physical assets in-market.

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