Case Study Torq Hyperautomation

The Torq brand takes aim at outdated, legacy SOAR systems, offering faster, no-code security solutions. To accelerate brand awareness and drive demand generation, the disruptive hyper-automation platform turned to FINAO in Q1 2023.

The Challenge

FINAO crafted an approach that took risks, broke away from traditional norms, and went in directions typical cybersecurity marketing steers clear of. With a nontraditional, market-share-gaining playbook, Torq saw measurable growth in brand and media recognition.


FINAO leveraged popular integrations and competitor campaigns to create a brand awareness tailwind. Creating the new visual identity from the ground up, FINAO designers produced a bold chiaroscuro lighting style, an expanded primary color palette and a fresh typography hierarchy for web and digital applications.

Video Work

Cheeky competitor takeout campaigns utilized clever motion sequences to amplify messaging. The uniquely positioned campaign moved the needle on demo conversions, web traffic and brand recognition.

+200% website traffic month over month

Torq brings efficiency to complex workflows. Reshaping the entire web experience, FINAO produced a site encouraging lead generation while complementing the product and sales team efforts.

Torq named one of "The Hottest New Cybersecurity Tools" at Black Hat USA 23

The “SOAR is Dead” campaign helped Torq clarify that they weren’t pulling punches with outmoded cybersecurity tech. With the RSA Conference and Black Hat USA around the corner, FINAO used ebooks, whitepapers and videos to highlight CSO pain points that position Torq as a disruptive, time-saving alternative to security programs of old. The tactics outperformed expectations as Torq was named one of “The Hottest New Cybersecurity Tools” at Black Hat USA 23.

Torq AI Socrates Launch

Torq unveiled Socrates, their AI agent for SecOps, at Black Hat in Las Vegas. FINAO supported the launch with product branding and a successful event campaign garnering numerous media wins.

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