After years of growth, FINAO was asked to align the QuotaPath brand with the sales compensation company’s vision for the future. FINAO supplemented the mission to rally revenue teams around shared goals with a new website and expanded assets. 




The Challenge

Sales compensation streamliner QuotaPath needed help translating and extending core brand elements into a more comprehensive style guide and lead gen marketing website on an aggressive timeline.


FINAO established a type hierarchy for the web and compelling styles for call-to-action buttons. We checked contrasts and produced a range of type options to develop an accessible color system that aligned with modern guidelines. Our team solidified the brand’s visual identity and refined designs to present QuotaPath as a must-have component of every compensation strategy.

Systematically expanding and curating iconography

FINAO instituted a versatile icon system with various styles and sizes. The comprehensive library now highlights specific services and communicates core values.

Illustrations, Animation & Photography

FINAO leveraged legacy QuotaPath assets to build out compound illustrations. We then created new illustrations as a launch point for additional product callouts and photography treatments. Applying animation throughout the site, FINAO prepared QuotaPath to showcase the content-rich platform with a library of illustrations, animations, and photography options.


FINAO developers completed the crux of the project on a quick turnaround. The modular site empowers QuotaPath with a platform that fully accommodates their diverse content needs. This approach resulted in a seamless launch and a site that serves as an extendible tool for ongoing engagement and growth.


Optimal mobile experiences were an essential consideration throughout the development of the QuotaPath website. FINAO tested to ensure the seamless reflection of intuitive designs and navigation for mobile users.


FINAO’s collaboration with QuotaPath culminated in a successful brand launch marked by amplified brand perceptions and Google speed improvements. With a keen understanding of the brand’s evolved trajectory, our team expanded and executed the vision to bridge gaps and provide a streamlined, impactful QuotaPath web presence.

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