Switchboard Case Study

Leading data automation platform Switchboard partnered with FINAO for a fresh new brand to level up its digital presence and user experiences.




The Challenge

The legacy Switchboard brand wasn’t reflecting the growth and maturity of the organization. A restrictive color palette and limited data visualization resulted in a typography-driven creative approach that made the service offering difficult for customers to understand. FINAO was tasked with creating the next evolution of the brand and a new website that speaks clearly to the target audience, provides a fresh and compelling experience and demonstrates Switchboard’s enterprise solution for data automation.


Refreshing the Switchboard visual identity included updating the color palette with an expanded, diverse range of primary and secondary colors for product illustrations and visuals. Our team introduced three unique patterns to enhance illustrations, selected font pairings and developed a typography hierarchy system for the cohesive new Switchboard brand.

Data Visualization

The Switchboard platform aggregates, normalizes and unifies data sources to connect with business intelligence software. FINAO brought this connective process to life with a visual system inspired by the existing Switchboard logo.


Developing a custom icon library is a transformative step towards rounding out a seamless, elevated visual brand experience. FINAO created a robust, bespoke iconography library for use across the Switchboard website.


Representing Switchboard users was a critical element of the photography strategy. Increasing relatability, highlighting use cases and evoking Switchboard solutions, FINAO made selective color adjustments for a cohesive, authentic photography library.


To build consistency while developing the website and employing new branding, FINAO provided Switchboard with a style guide covering everything from color and typography to CTA and website module design.

Website Design

FINAO designed the Switchboard site for maximum customization and flexibility. We utilized a modular system so the Switchboard team could mix and match for complete, cohesive page layouts. Managing the handoff and overseeing the development and QA, our team ensured responsive, efficient experiences across the new site.


Mobile experience was paramount for the new Switchboard site. The FINAO team went to great measures to ensure user-friendly styling and intuitive page designs for optimal mobile experiences.

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