Murray-Calloway County Hospital

Murray-Calloway County Hospital Branding Case Study

When long-standing FINAO client Murray-Calloway County Hospital extended service lines and constructed new facilities, our team leveraged the hospital’s commitment to its community with a new website, fresh branding and compelling campaigns.

The Challenge

Standing out in risk-averse sectors such as healthcare can be challenging. FINAO successfully elevated Murray-Calloway County Hospital's service lines by prioritizing positive outcomes over endless options. Our visually engaging and people-centric campaign effectively communicated key messages, maintaining the hospital's distinctive identity while setting it apart from other providers.

Visual Identity

By extending the MCCH color palette beyond traditional blues and golds, FINAO better-aligned colors with specific services while staying true to the core branding. Our team also improved service promotion with a comprehensive icon set and custom script font.

Photo & Video Shoot

To showcase the hospital’s compassion and personalized care, FINAO traveled to Murray to direct a video and photoshoot. We featured the community and providers of Murray-Calloway County Hospital across the new website and various campaign materials.

Information Architecture

Revamping the MCCH website included tackling hurdles of awkward information architecture, complex navigation and disjointed microsites. We began with a redesigned sitemap and new branding, featuring color-coded and icon-enhanced navigation. With a rejuvenated hospital blog, newly-aligned microsites and intuitive navigation, the most important information is now easier to find.


The FINAO team developed a visual brand style guide outlining best practices for typography, color palettes, illustrations, and iconography.

Website Design

Our team prioritized customization and flexibility, constructing a template system for internal and external purposes. Using the new visual identity, FINAO designers consolidated micro-sites for hospital affiliates. Previously unaligned, all associated websites are now visually cohesive and part of the Murray-Calloway County Hospital ecosystem.


FINAO tested to ensure the new brand and website design scaled flawlessly to provide users with a responsive, efficient mobile experience.


The Murray-Calloway County Hospital promotional campaign spotlights recent advancements, including a full-time cardiologist, a cancer treatment center, and a new women’s health center. FINAO’s “Right Around the Corner” concept celebrates MCCH’s combination of hometown compassion and big-hospital resources.

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