New Branding Case Study Kespry

As marketers, we all understand that brand is number one. But sometimes getting to those unique points of differentiation and finding alignment between marketing, sales and product can be challenging for ambassadors on the front lines. That’s where FINAO is most helpful for modern brands. FINAO recently completed an in-depth rebrand assessment workshop with visionary Bay Area company, Kespry. This new branding case study shares the process we underwent and showcases the results of our efforts as their branding agency of record.

New Logo

Kespry brings visual data in from the wild by using ML and AI to gain a previously unattainable context of physical assets in space and time. That context enables companies to mitigate risk and make better business decisions with repeatable and predictive models. This pioneering strength, leadership and vision is reflected in their new brand logo mark.

New Branding

Brand Alignment is an in-depth, proprietary workshop developed by FINAO Agency. Our Alignment process brings employees, execs and key stakeholders together to discover a brand’s unique points of difference. Proven methodologies and exploratory exercises uncover your brand’s unique position in the market, audience, personas and other valued characteristics. The results are compiled and analyzed, then formatted into a custom tailored, comprehensive document that serves as your brand’s compass moving forward. All assets that we create as part of the rebrand, logo, illustration style, photography and iconography take form as an execution of the Brand Alignment positioning.

Brand Workshop Results

For Kespry, a major evolution in business model created immediate need for realignment between product, marketing and sales. We started by taking inventory of existing brand elements that could make the transition. We then defined a strategy to balance growth opportunities with revenue streams by leveraging experience, focusing on highest business value and market opportunity. Finally, we outlined a plan to disrupt the market by creating a new category and developing a brand platform to bring it all to market cohesively.

Brand Guidelines

Comprehensive logo standards, typography, color palettes, iconography, illustration and photograph libraries support and elevate the new Kespry brand. The brand guidelines document ensures visual brand standards are easily adhered to in every application.

Website Design

As the chosen web design company, FINAO performed an extensive site audit that resulted in the complete restructuring of the website architecture. FINAO's site map, wireframing, content creation, animated video, design and development process ensured a successful launch. The all new Kespry website reflects the total enterprise approach of the new branding. Clean, concise and data driven in its design and messaging, the new brand is suited for this vast new category.

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