New Branding Case Study Helpshift

Helpshift is a one-stop shop for brands looking to care more effectively for their customers. Having found success providing their support services to gaming companies, their clientele was reflected in their brand’s darker style and character illustrations. When the company decided in 2021 that they needed a paradigm shift to evolve and offer their product to more industries, FINAO got the nod. We focused on elevating and bringing balance to the brand in order to maintain the audience Helpshift had already garnered while also advancing their product platform to other industries.


FINAO developed Helpshift’s new brand with equilibrium in mind. Instead of relying on cartoonish emojis tailored to a specific industry, we paired modern lifestyle photography with a recalibrated user interface. We additionally produced fresh icon sets and color palettes to create a more ownable style for the company and help them speak to the mobile- and app-first companies they are trying to reach.

Website Design

Helpshift’s new website features vector graphics to achieve a crisper, unfussy look. FINAO employed the new color palette to add blocks of color and strike additional balance between the new design and Helpshift’s product platform. Once we completed the new design, we worked collaboratively with Helpshift developers to ensure seamless implementation across the website and communicate Helpshift’s leadership in digital customer service markets.


Helpshift required a pitch deck template that set them apart from the competition. FINAO provided structured slides templates so the company was prepared to showcase their brand and vision to prospective clients.

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