Attack Resistance Platform Case Study

Progressive cybersecurity company HackerOne uses ethical hacking to help organizations close the gap between what they own and what they can protect. In 2022, FINAO developed the HackerOne Attack Resistance Management campaign focusing on attack surface education, risk detection, and changing security environments. In Q1 2023 they again called on FINAO while building a new, audience-focused evolution of ARM that compels business leaders to take action.





The Challenge

Develop new branding and architecture to extend Attack Resistance Management from a stand alone campaign into a complete enterprise cybersecurity platform. FINAO had to create a sense of urgency and graphically depict the relationship between customers and hackers as a business-critical component of every organization’s security posture.

Our Process

The FINAO team conducted group workshops reflecting on the 2022 campaign to gain insight into the next evolution of Attack Resistance Management. Using stakeholder feedback as the strategic basis, our team worked to maintain consistency as we transformed ARM into the Attack Resistance Platform.

Visual Identity

The Attack Resistance Platform gives companies visibility and control of their attack surface. To represent this surface, FINAO designers developed an extensive image library of three-dimensional illustrations for events and for use across the campaign. We additionally incorporated new icons cohesively into the existing library, making it easy to take advantage of the custom icon library across web pages, marketing materials and presentation decks.


With eBooks, white papers, case studies, product sheets, templates for social promotions and a branded pitch deck system, FINAO ensured HackerOne had everything it needed to incorporate the new sub-brand into the platform.


Trade shows and conferences allow companies face time with prospective customers in environments tailored to specific industries, making event attendance and registration an important marker of success for HackerOne. FINAO helped HackerOne promote its conference showings using social media, flyers, swag, signage, print content, and Save the Dates. To encourage attendees to learn more about the ARM platform and book meetings at RSA, Gartner, and Infosec, we crafted an interactive demo experience. Working locally on vertical touchscreen kiosks, the experience stimulated record engagement.

Interactive Demo Experience

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