New Branding Case Study Expanse

Expanse came to FINAO® with the challenge of creating a brand and website that would connect with all of their consumers – from enterprise SaaS to government and national defense. Although widely different in many respects, the design was focused on the one thing that all customers had in common: a need for exceptional internet security.






At first glance, the coral dot that completes the ‘X’ in the Expanse logo catches your attention however, greater meaning lies beyond the surface. The dot represents the North Star, an astronomical symbol long used as a navigation tool essential to explorers discovering new places. Hidden in the logomark, however, is the Lambda symbol, a letter from the Greek alphabet which is also used in many programming languages to represent an Anonymous Function (AKA Lambda Expression). Through these two symbols, both hidden and seen, we aimed to honestly represent the full spectrum of the Internet: filled with risks and exposures while still maintaining a great potential for hope.


The grid is incorporated throughout the website to add structure to the pages while also giving a sense of direction by leading the user down the page. For iconography we chose a style that uses the symbology of connected assets to create icons relevant to Expanse’s services and customers.


Finally, by capitalizing on the interactivity of the website, we brought the photography to life by using coral illustrations to highlight parts of a photograph when a user hovers over it.


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