Exabeam Smarter SIEM

Exabeam approached FINAO with a need for Differentiated Messaging. Messaging was the foundation of 2019 marketing priorities to increase brand awareness and of making sure more people gained awareness around the Exabeam Story. The old messaging “Next-gen” was no longer unique. Competitors were quick to take the old message as their own. For 2019 the need to elevate the Exabeam talk track, and get beyond technical for a business-level conversation was paramount.



The problem

Security teams are overwhelmed by an avalanche of alerts that are supposed to help them identify and address threats to their organizations, yet legacy SIEM solutions don’t help. On top of this, a general shortage of security skills and a need to reduce cost means hiring more people is not an option. Security teams need to work smarter and faster to protect their organizations from risk and they need smarter solutions to help them do it.

Position Exabeam as the solution

Exabeam is uniquely positioned to help customers as their mission is to help educate both CISOs and practitioners on better, smarter ways to do their jobs, both from a tools perspective and a skills perspective. To teach, not tell. This is a core message and mindset for the brand.

Smart is in the Exabeam DNA

Exabeam solutions enable customers to be smarter about security. Smart means both the right skills and the right tech to succeed. Exabeam wants to be perceived as a leader. Leaders are often teachers who are admired for what they know and their willingness to share it. Teachers can make you smarter. Not leading with the fact that Exabeam is smarter, but that we can help people be smarter and organizations work smarter.

An ownable visual language

Exabeam products are smarter at identifying threats and their people “Deliver the Exceptional” to customers. Advanced analytics was a major point of focus and differentiator. As well as Smart Timelines. FINAO created a visually smart illustrated language to activate the Smarter SIEM campaign messaging.

This campaign has legs

The campaign launched successfully and continues to be leveraged account social, content, digital and events as a catalyst for the core brand positioning.

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