Global Enterprise Rebranding Case Study

Everbridge empowers organizations to anticipate, mitigate, respond to, and ultimately emerge stronger from critical events with the industry’s only end-to-end critical event management platform. The company approached FINAO in October 2022 with the challenge of rebranding to align an increasingly complex global brand portfolio.

The Challenge

Several M&A brands, as well as 20 years of legacy product and service extensions, increased the complexity of the project. The logo was lacking a strong, iconic presence, and the greys, oranges, and reds made accessibility challenging in digital applications.

Our Process

FINAO took a four-phased approach to Brand Alignment. First, establish and align a consistent messaging and positioning platform. Second, reimagine and refresh the Everbridge visual identity. Third, extend the new visual brand and messaging positioning across all design, marketing, and collateral systems. Fourth, production, and launch of the reimagined brand.


We began with a deep immersion into the history of the brand, extensive third-party market research, and a two-week discovery period consisting of individual one-hour interviews with 20+ executive decision-makers and brand stakeholders. FINAO also conducted in-person leadership and management group workshops.

Brand Architecture

We established a cohesive brand story positioning Everbridge as the only end-to-end critical event management platform, empowering resilience for organizations. Legacy product extensions and M&A products and services were realigned under a simplified endorsed brand architecture.

Visual Identity

Once we established buy-in for the messaging platform, FINAO began to re-imagine the Everbridge visual identity. Our creative exploration examined countless ways to visually express core brand attributes like bend but never break resilience, mission-driven, courage, innovation, end-to-end, and duty of care.

Logo Solution

We underwent numerous review cycles, methodically refining every detail to ultimately arrive at a consensus. Elegant, and simple, with a subtle nod to legacy, the new brand mark embodies the promise of organizational resilience Everbridge delivers to all its customers.

Extending the New Brand

Rebranding Everbridge required an expansive execution and retrofitting of the across all in-market assets. This included organization website, sub-brands, market collateral, branded print and digital assets, event and tradeshow materials, template systems, and video and motion guidelines. A nearly 200-page brand standards manual was also created to serve as the Northstar for the brand moving forward.

Production and Launch

FINAO worked closely with Everbridge's in-house marketing and design resources to consistently produce the new brand across all materials and assets needed for a successful launch.

NASDAQ HQ Launch in New York City

For Everbridge it all came together on Monday, March 20, 2023, at NASDAQ HQ in New York City. Dave Wagner, CEO of Everbridge along with other senior leadership team members, successfully launched the new brand. Ringing the opening bell, and rolling out the new brand at a day-long event that coincided with their 20th-year in business celebration, proved to be the perfect go-live moment for the Everbridge team.

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