Folio by Amitree Rebrand, Website Development

FINAO was tasked with helping Folio by Amitree update their brand and website to better connect with their clients. The new brand design would focus on communicating clearly who the brand is and why it matters. Folio by Amitree is an organizational platform that works as an ‘email assistant’ by integrating with a client’s email to organize emails, related documents, attachments, and contacts.

Logo Evolution

The objective of the refresh was to clearly communicate to Folio by Amitree’s clients that they are focused on helping them do their job better. To achieve this, FINAO made the website light and fun by using fresh, bold colors and using a mix of photography and illustration to blend the human element with their technology.

Website Refresh

There were two big things that were requested by Amitree for the site. First, that it clearly conveys the benefits of the products, which we accomplished with concise screenshots that shows how their platform works. Second, it was important for Amitree to have a vehicle to get information to existing and new clients, so the blog was designed to be clean and simple to understand to best share information.


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