Building a resource hub for Abnormal Securities

Earlier this year, FINAO was responsible for building a resource hub where the threat research analysis platform Abnormal Security could showcase its thought leadership and authority. The company wanted to expand its brand with a subdomain of the existing site where it could emphasize a different avenue of lead generation via threat research awareness and custom content.

FINAO began by providing Abnormal Intelligence with an ownable identity to distinguish it from the already-existing platform. Once we defined the resource hub by developing modern and minimalist versions of Abnormal Securities’ existing brand and logo, the FINAO team focused on organizing the featured content with an intelligent grid and establishing a consistent style for unique images.

With a built-out subscription list and a cohesive design system, FINAO made sure Abnormal could hit the ground running and use its new MicroSite to wow prospective customers and establish the company as a leader in the web security industry.

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