Pitch deck crash course: advice & insights

A pitch deck (a presentation typically curated for potential investors) can be tricky to get right. Expressing the nuances of your brand and synthesizing everything that makes it worth someone’s time and money in a limited number of slides is a tall task. FINAO is here to help.

The FINAO team has helped create over 200 pitch decks for clients over the years. Now our team is sharing design and messaging insights to help you create your own winning pitch deck.

"What business problem are you solving? Get to your value prop quickly and deliver it with impact. Know the difference between your primary and secondary selling points so you can structure your deck accordingly."

Miranda Stegeman
Brand Strategy / Founding Partner FINAO Agency

Quick pitch deck Tips

  • Keep it to 12-15 slides max
  • Have an overview/agenda slide
  • Identify the industry problem/need
  • Clearly state your brand promise/differentiation
  • Use case studies and quotes to validate your product
  • Outline your process and provide an initial timeline
  • Include a leadership slide
  • Don’t forget a slide for next steps
  • Create a ‘How to Use this Deck’ slide for keeping fonts, colors, icons, imagery consistent
  • Less text on slides and more in your notes
  • Always make it visually compelling

"Create consistency in template designs that are user friendly across Keynote, Powerpoint and Google Slides. Make files easily editable so they can be updated by the sales team."

Dan McCarthy
Creative Director / FINAO Agency

"Your pitch is an important personalized touchpoint in the beginning of a long-term, ongoing customer relationship. Investors and prospects are people, not personas. The pitch sets the tone for the way those individuals view and think about your brand. Make your story personal, make it unique and you'll have a formula for success."

Adam Arriola
Executive Creative Director / Founding Partner FINAO Agency