Expanding a new brand: Vanta and FINAO

After the automated cloud security and compliance platform Vanta defined new brand guidelines, it was time to get the word out. 

Vanta came to FINAO with the outline of its vibrant new brand—including Ilma, the protective llama. The company partnered with Moving Brands in crafting the updated look but required tons of customized content for a more cohesive brand experience.

Our team took and ran with the discrete elements of the new brand, providing one-pagers, case studies, social ads, logo animations, deck templates, guides, and more for a consistent and expressive look across all content pieces. With an aggressive timeline, FINAO collaborated with Vanta and Moving Brands to produce sixty assets (and counting!) in about six weeks.

In calling on FINAO, Vanta freed up internal design resources to tackle other parts of the brand refresh. Our team moved fast and set our design and Vanta teams up for success by creating templates to ensure brand consistency and continuity for future projects.

FINAO looks forward to further refining the new Vanta brand as we work on animated advertisements and other assets.