Finao and Heap create a comic book to explain the power of Heap’s platform

Standing out in the SaaS content world sometimes requires getting creative. Our partner Heap came to us with the idea to create a full comic book to convey the power of Heap’s platform.

We jumped at the opportunity to work with Heap on such a cool project. With the team at Heap taking the reins on copy, we went to work on brainstorming some potential styles for the book.

The Heap team loved both concepts, but ultimately chose the second option to move forward with.

Wireframing the comic book

It was important to organize the structure of content before spending hours on the creative side, so we hopped onto the iPad and started sketching out the frames of the book. This way, the client could see how their copy would flow and we could make edits before the process got too far along.

Filling in the color

This is where things really come to life. Once the panels were locked in, we could move to creating all of the illustrations from the sketches. It was a lot of work, but our talented team worked together. We divided up all of the pages between the team and spent two days pulling the illustrations together.

Time to promote

Once we finalized the comic book, it was time to promote it. We knew from the jump that we wanted to create a simple video to get people excited about downloading the book. Through social media posts, we promoted the content and video to get the word out about a fun piece of content for our client Heap. It’s one of our favorite projects.

Check out the full ebook here:

Heap Comic Book