A brand identity for new investment platform FieldYield

FINAO was hired to create a powerful brand identity that connects with FieldYield’s audience, positioning them as a leader in farmland investing focused on sustainability and environmental and social best practices.

FINAO began by balancing the technological and agricultural components of the brand identity in a new logo design.

FieldYield is a brand new investment platform, matching accredited investors with opportunities to invest in farms adhering to Field Yield’s robust requirements for operational, financial and ESG (environmental, social and governance).

There are multiple benefits of having this asset class in a modern and diversified portfolio. But the barriers to entry make it difficult to access and without the right knowledge could be a costly mistake for some. Platforms like FieldYield remove the guesswork and provide investors access to high performing farmland. Investors track performance on the platform and play an important role in the sustainability of agriculture. Historically, farmland has a high return rate (11%) and low volatility and can complement more risky investments.

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