Three FINAO clients take on Black Hat USA 2023

In increasingly virtual environments, in-person conferences remain valuable opportunities to meet prospects, showcase innovations and promote brand awareness. With these objectives in mind, three FINAO clients recently traveled to Las Vegas to take on Black Hat USA 2023. 

For 25 years, the Black Hat conference has been a hub for top information security players to exchange expertise and unveil new technologies. This year, FINAO readied Abnormal Security, HackerOne, and Torq to stake their claims at Black Hat USA 2023 with engaging product launches, eye-catching social assets and enterprise pitch decks.


Hyperautomation platform Torq brought a new evolution in cybersecurity to Black Hat 2023 with its advanced AI agent, Socrates. Delivering autonomous contextual alert triage, incident investigation, and rapid response capabilities, Socrates stands as the pioneering SecOps AI agent.

FINAO generated buzz for Socrates with pre-launch teasers and animated product page headers that visually break down the mechanics of the new offering. The successful promotions earned Torq a spot on the list of hottest new tools at Black Hat 2023. With product pages and social assets to boot, our team made sure Torq and Socrates were ready to live up to the hype.

Abnormal Security

This summer, Abnormal Security is driving awareness toward artificial intelligence’s growing role in cybersecurity. The brand is hitting the road with a three-part series, Convergence, to outline the benefits and pitfalls of generative AI for practitioners and C-suite executives. 

FINAO crafted key visuals around the merging of AI and cybersecurity, working with abstract, angular shapes that reflect the series’ insights on how to fight bad AI practices with good ones. Taking a three-pronged approach to the distinct segments of the series, FINAO designers brought together geometric visuals and legacy brand marks for use in promotional assets, registration landing pages, social ads, postcards, deck templates and more.


After FINAO created an engaging demo promoting its Attack Resistance platform, HackerOne achieved record leads at events and conferences. In gearing up for Black Hat 2023, FINAO refashioned the immersive experience by expanding the brand’s animated, three-dimensional elements. With captivating designs, the HackerOne experience highlights success stories, demos, and pressing security issues.