vFunction created the category of Architectural Observability. Their AI-driven platform boosts companies’ velocity, scalability, and resiliency by reducing technical debt and application complexity. In Q1 2024 they asked FINAO to refresh their brand, design and develop a new website, and craft a host of marketing assets. 

The Challenge

Refresh the vFunction brand and position its architectural observability platform as a critical enterprise business solution.


FINAO first simplified the vFunction brand mark for improved clarity and readability. Next, we addressed the legacy color palette which was limiting and too rigid. Fresh typography and iconography were then introduced to underscore platform features with architectural strokes that complement statistics and data points. Product UI treatments, photography, and new illustration guidelines completed the refreshed visual brand language.

Illustrations & Photography

FINAO brought vFunction platform features to the foreground through illustrations and animations that help users visualize technical debt risks and dependencies. With client portrait treatments conveying leadership and environmental accents highlighting data transfers and statistics, vFunction’s ownable photography moves the product forward and emphasizes real-life applications.


Helping users visualize the dependencies and complexities of architectural technical debt, FINAO crafted an animated brand video that brings vFunction’s vision of smarter building and more scalable applications to life.


In developing the new vFunction website, the FINAO team provided extensive site customization with a modular approach for maximum flexibility, post-launch scalability, and responsive desktop and mobile experiences.


Almost immediately post-launch, vFunction experienced improved user engagement, a surge in organic traffic, and increased form submissions.

Website Design

FINAO applied the refreshed vFunction branding to the website design to attain enterprise-level aesthetics and create a cohesive, engaging user experience that organically moves eyes down the page.


Ownable content and marketing assets like research reports, case studies, user guides, and updated email and PowerPoint templates complete the brand extension.


Ahead of Gartner’s Application Innovation and Business Solutions Summit, FINAO delivered dynamic booth designs, t-shirts, and swag to ensure vFunction stood out from the competition.

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