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We have put together presentations for some really amazing brands that have helped them grow their clients and raise series funding.

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Start with a cohesive framework

Creating an intuitive structure and flow to your presentation deck is perhaps the most important fundamental to address when you start building your presentation. Take a 50,000 foot view at the start and map out a purposeful presentation journey. Have a clear intro, agenda, crescendo, wrap up and next steps.

Get to the value

Capture the audience's attention quickly and get them invested in your story. To do that keep it simple and answer these questions as directly as possible. What business problem are you solving for the person/s you’re speaking with? What do you bring as a company to solve that problem better than anyone else.

Move with purpose

Venture capitalists & decision-makers see 5000+ slide decks every year. They have little patience for poorly designed, unorganized, rambling presentations. Good design, and clear messaging will amplify your value proposition and brand in a crowded conference room. Lead the conversation forward and tell a compelling story as you move slide to slide.

Additional fundamentals

Keep to 12-15 slides max | Set the tone with an Overview/Agenda Slide | What's the industry problem/need? | What do you bring as a company? | Onboarding process/timeline | Case Studies/Quotes | Who we work with slide | Use a Next Steps slide to move along the sale | Include a Leadership slide

FINAO has been a fantastic partner over the years. They are incredibly dependable, quick to deliver, and always have new ideas to bring a project to the next level.

Heather Watkins • Marketing Strategy and Demand Generation Leader, Better Impact Marketing