Helpshift leveraging the points of differentiation within a brand

Since partnering with FINAO in 2017, Helpshift has been able to establish its brand as the premier customer support platform delivering in-app support to mobile first companies, mainly gamers. The Helpshift Connected Customer Conversation Platform enables customers to reach out through any channel and take the most efficient path towards resolution through AI, bots, and automation.

Brand asset library


Color palette


Photo shoot
Brand photo library


Product demo
Promo assets
Web animation

Today’s brands live in a constant state of motion. Video and motion sequences are an essential component for the Helpshift brand identity. A custom tailored brand image library supports marketing, sales and customer success with ownable brand visuals.

FINAO created a custom product overview video to support the Helpshift presence at Dreamforce. Our team also concepted and designed Spot the Bot, the Helpshift company mascot.

A custom Helpshift branded Tuk Tuk highlighted the fun and approachable nature of the company culture. This was part of a unique event presence that elevated the brand and generated notoriety at Dreamforce.

Spot the Bot has become a beloved brand ambassador and continues to support the Helpshift brand in digital application and live events.

FINAO continues to support marketing team efforts, extending and evolving the brand with new growth and ever evolving brand needs.