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Box Platform Content

Box Platform was a newly developed business unit custom-designed to help developers as they built applications in the cloud. To illustrate the benefits of using the Box Platform in a compelling way, FINAO® worked with the internal team to create more than 20 pieces of specialized content in less than six months. Our robust content mix included various whitepapers, ebooks, infographics and social promotion assets—all proving how Box can play a valuable role in any vertical industry.

Complex Information Simplifed

FINAO® supported the content and demand generation strategy for the newly focused Box Platform business unit by delivering content to market quickly. In most cases, this process took less than two weeks from start to finish. The ebooks created for this strategy ultimately became the most downloaded, and second-ranked resources for Box in its history.To boost event registration, we also developed a suite of promotional assets for the BoxDev event, an extension of the annual BoxWorks event, resulting in well over 1,500 registrants.