Four objections we often hear when suggesting a photoshoot

After years of working with countless companies, we have some thoughts on what works and what doesn’t. We’ve come to view blanket stock usage as fundamentally at odds with the problems we seek to solve for our clients. Companies hire FINAO for our unique approach, our fresh thinking, and our branding experience. Nothing undermines our quest to create something ownable more than using visuals that competitors may already have used in their marketing materials. From a 50k-foot view, the importance of a photoshoot seems clear.

We can get by with stock, is there really that big of a difference?

We feel the difference is undeniable. We challenge clients to own their brand. In term of image quality, uniqueness of style, personalization for your brand, stock simply cannot compare to the versatility and own-ability of professional photography.

We don’t have the budget to shoot our own photography.

What many clients aren’t aware of it that the costs can be competitive. If you’re using high end stock on a regular basis then you probably can get an equal value shoot within your current budget. Factor in costs of high quality stock libraries, the man hours spent sorting through and distilling all options, acquiring libraries and rights management.

Can we get all the different shots and looks we need with our limited resources?

In short yes. That’s why we produce lean shoots. A “lean shoot” is a time and resource efficient session designed to yield a high variety of shots in a shorter window if time. Efficient lighting and location setup, talent optimization, along with meticulous pre planning help our team deliver the best value for our client’s spend.

Can you really save time with a photoshoot?

Over the course of a campaign or branding project the costs are competitive. No hours hunting and pecking through countless websites and libraries, no anxiety about if you have the correct rights managed user license, no monthly memberships, no buying photo credits, no scrambling when you see the same image in a competitors e-blast.