Airbo Rebrand and Website Design

Airbo is a human resources communication assistant that helps companies develop communication plans for employees. Airbo came to FINAO to help transition their brand to reach a larger audience. A more refined, enterprise image was a key deliverable. This meant updating the corporate identity and brand style guide, then rolling it all out in a new company website, content and asset design system.

Logo and Brand Guidelines

We wanted to refine their brand to be unique and ownable. To do this, we removed the cloud graphic around the text and updated the font to be a bit bolder. This gives strength to the mark while the softer edges lend a more approachable feel. Lastly we shifted the color to a more vibrant, enterprise blue. Extending this fresh look to all brand elements, we created vignettes and patterns that align with Airbo’s platform and imply interconnectivity.v The addition symbols represent the seamlessness and extendailitty of the platform. The brand is friendly and representative of the personable approach customers experience.

Website Design

The website ask was focused – take the brand from startup to enterprise HR platform. To do this, we created an intuitive site architecture with a simple but informative content structure on each page. We also blended smart illustrations with lifestyle photography that speaks to the end user. Finally, we incorporated product screenshots that highlighted the function and appeal of the platform.

Brand Content and Assets

We established a design system that could seamlessly translate to sales materials, content pieces, blogs, and promo assets. The key deliverable was having a system that is extendable and can accomodate any content, campaign or asset type.

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